Our services quarantee:

Time and money saving

The highest quality and involvement of specialists

Security and secrecy of information

Consultancy and help

Baltic Finance Consultant Sp z o. o. SK comprises of a team of experienced accountants and experts. Our employees, with a view to enhance the quality of services offered, constantly improve their skills by participation in various trainings.

Consigning your books to us will let you concentarate on the dynamic development of your business and it will assure a safe business conduct.

Our team takes care that the orders are completed on time.

A proxy given to us enables representing you in front of Tax Office, ZUS and other institutions, and all the controls from the above mentioned institutions are held at our place.

We will make your key decions easier by conducting a profound analysis of situations and the clients’ needs under proper regulation.

The accounting office of Baltic Finance Consultant Sp. z o o SK is protected by civil liability cover for its work. We ensure full confidentiality and security of possessed data.